Gibberd, Eric (1897-1972)

Eric Gibberd (1897-1972) - Adobe Walls

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Eric Gibberd (1897-1972) - Adobe Walls

  • Oil on Board
  • C. 1950-60
  • 17.5'' x 23.5''
  • $950.00
  • PDC1571
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25.5" x 31.5" framed. Acquired from a private collection in Arizona. Eric Gibberd was an English immigrant to Canada. His family was told that wide open spaces of the western prairies would be good for his eyesight. He later became an artist, which brought him to the United States. He married Pauline Bridge Seeberger, who was an artist trained in Boston, Paris, and Rome. She encouraged Eric to train, which led him to Los Angeles, Barcelona, Salzburg, and then in Taos with Emil Bisttram. He became a member of the Taos Art Association and Taos Art Colony. He also established the Allied Artists of New Mexico, later known as Gallery A, with partners Mary Sanchez, Mario Larrinaga, and Cecil B. DeMille. He exhibited internationally to include Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and also California, Colorado, and Texas.