Smythe, Eugene L. (1857-1932)

SOLD Eugene Leslie Smythe (1857-1932) - California Landscape

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SOLD Eugene Leslie Smythe (1857-1932) - California Landscape

  • Oil on Canvas
  • C. 1876
  • 41.5'' x 47.5''
  • PDC1615
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50" x 56" framed. Hand carved gold frame. Dated 1876 in the lower right corner. Acquired from a private collection in Arizona. Smythe was born in New York. He studied under Frank Millet in 1875, George Inness in 1884-85, and R. U. Shurleff and D. W. Tyron in 1885-86. Smythe won the second prize at the Boston Arts Club in 1885. He exhibited practically in all exhibitions in 1885-1900. He illustrated magazine ads in Santa Fe, Michigan Central, Milwaukee, and St. Paul in 1900 to 1905. Since 1905, he painted privately and exhibited only occasionally. He was a member of the Providence Art Club and A.E. Club. He knew Winslow Homer, A.H. Wyant, Thomas Hill, J. Francis Murphy, and Charles L. Davis all very well.