Datz, Stephen C.

SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Luminous Morning

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SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Luminous Morning

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 16'' x 40''
  • PLV90469-1117-005
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23" x 47" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: This is a view of the Cameo palisade on a June morning from along I-70 just east of Grand Junction, Colorado where I make my home. This rock is, under full daylight, hardly remarkable in color. One might even say “boring”, though to the artist’s eye there is almost no such thing. Grays can be an exciting challenge for the colorist. But right at dawn, as the first rays of the sun catch this formation, it positively glows with warm pink light. So much so, in fact, that I have to push my colors to their limits to capture its intensity and vividness. The Colorado river serves as the foreground, and the canyon that runs off canvas on the right is part of the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Refuge.