Datz, Stephen C.

SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Canyon Chiaroscuro

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SOLD Stephen C. Datz - Canyon Chiaroscuro

  • Oil on Canvas Board
  • 10'' x 8''
  • PLV90469-1117-002
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15.5" x 13.5" framed. ARTIST COMMENTS: This is a view from Echo Park in Dinosaur National Monument. The Yampa River joins the Green, seen in the foreground here, just where the lit canyon wall sits in the background. The shaded cliff is the back end of Steamboat Rock, which sits at the center of a huge gooseneck bend in the river and runs in all its massive glory nearly a mile from stem to stern. This is an afternoon view, looking upstream. I really enjoy the stark contrasts and bouncing light that the full desert sun creates in places like this. Echo Park is also one of my most favorite places on the planet, so you can look forward to seeing more of it! For those who might not know, ‘chiaroscuro’ is an artistic term that describes the interplay of light and shadow in a work of art.