Dixon, Maynard (1875-1946)

Maynard Dixon "Nvorczk" (1875-1946) - SOLD - Dark Clouds

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Maynard Dixon "Nvorczk" (1875-1946) - SOLD - Dark Clouds

  • Gouache
  • 5'' x 8''
  • MDSDarkClouds
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Shortly after World War I, Maynard Dixon began to entertain himself by painting a body of work that was unlike anything he had done before. They can mostly be described as being surreal, whimsical, bizarre, sardonic, etc. He signed these works "Nvorczk," a pen-name he invented to probably satirize some of the art that was popular at that time. These works are ex-collection of Edith Hamlin's estate. All Nvorczk works will be accompanied by a copy of a letter written and signed by Edith Hamlin, Dixon's wife, and John Dixon, Maynard's son, authenticating the works.