York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Prayer Chant (Monumental)

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Star Liana York - Prayer Chant (Monumental)

  • Bronze
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Price on request. Image shows the sculpture in clay with the artist. The smaller version is shown in the background. Artist comments: - "I decided to create a shaman based on what I am most familiar... a Native American from my own continent. The Oglala Sioux medicine men were subjects of several historical books about Black Elk and Crazy Horse that influenced me many decades ago. This seemed like the right time to bring out my thoughts and feelings about these significant "seers" and "wisdom keepers" in my sculpture. He is in a prayer chant, using intonations, drumming, and wafting the smoke of burning sage over himself using his eagle prayer fan in order to reach the state of consciousness that puts him in touch with divine spirits. In this altered state, he can appeal to spirit helpers and divine powers for aid in facing troubled times." - Star Liana York.