York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Listening Woman Bust

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Star Liana York - Listening Woman Bust

  • Bronze
  • Edition: 35
  • 10.5'' x 11.5'' x 5''
  • $3,200.00
  • SLYListeningWomanBustNEW
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"In this sculpture a Plains Indian Woman listens pensively to the voices of her ancestors, whispered to her by the spirit messengers. An interest in the traditional way of life and thinking of native cultures, and a desire to move beyond the stereotyped image of the "squaw" led Star to read books about American Indian philosophy and spirituality. Drawing on the legend that the voices of the ancients could be heard through different "mediums", bring visions to those endowed with strong "medicine," she was moved to do a piece that captured this. There is an emotional presence, an aura of importance and power to this sculpture that is due in part to the concept that inspired it, but also comes from the strength and dignity of the Woman; herself-the spirit in the bronze. As she worked on this particular sculpture, however, something deeper came out. She found a soul emerging that seemed to speak personally to her." - Star York