Goodnight, Veryl

Veryl Goodnight - Cares for Her Brothers (Study)

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Veryl Goodnight - Cares for Her Brothers (Study)

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Veryl Goodnight offers an insight into this study with an excerpt from a Cheyenne Indian tale: "I told my grandmother of a lady whose beautiful thoughts go out to all living things. I told her of the lady's great love of our animal brothers. She said, I should know her as Ewo-Wumishi-He-Me ...Cares for Her Brothers." "Cares for Her Brothers", poem by Veryl Goodnight: She found him lying in the shade, she slipped quietly away when evening drew near. All the animals were her brothers, the bear and the buffalo the fawns and their mothers. She cared for the souls of the fish and the fowl, the mares and foals. Her heart was so filled with love for others that to all the animals she was 'Cares for Her Brothers'.