York, Star Liana

Star Liana York - Buffalo Thunder

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Star Liana York - Buffalo Thunder

  • Bronze
  • C. 1999
  • 24'' x 34'' x 13''
  • $9,000.00
  • SLYBuffaloThunder
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Fewer than 5 in edition, please call for availability. "In rock graphics Depicted by Stone Age Man we find a legacy which belongs to all Mankind. They are found virtually on every continent. Some experts believe the animal imagery was done as a way of establishing a supernatural connection with the game early man hunted for his survival. As an inspiration to my own art, I feel I am not only helping to preserve these images, to which we still have a gut reaction, but I am also giving them a contemporary vitality. If these images indeed speak to us from the past, I feel they sound the environmental message that humans have a sacred and interdependent relationship with nature that is crucial we do not forget. With our present technologies, our abilities to destroy have been magnified. The American Buffalo is a 'poster child' example of how close we can come to making an entire species extinct. So this sculpture, inspired by the great 'Hall of Bulls' from the Paleolithic caves, replaces the Bison antiques with the American Bison to underscore this point." - Star Liana York