Santo Domingo

Ava Marie Coriz "Cool-Ca-Ya" (1948-2011) - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace

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Ava Marie Coriz "Cool-Ca-Ya" (1948-2011) - Santo Domingo Fetish Necklace

  • C. Contemporary
  • $395.00
  • J90106-117-007
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24" long. Ava Marie Coriz, of the Santo Domingo Antelope Clan, daughter of Lupe Pena, had been inspired to continue the ancestral tradition of hand making jewelry. She specialized in constructing hand strung and hand ground beaded necklaces. When she was 14, she was taught the fundamentals of working with raw nuggets of various types of stones. In 1969, she learned the art of working with silver. She continued to use her knowledge of stones and silver, using quality materials, to make the finest necklaces. At the New Mexico fair, she won the 1995 2nd Place Award, 1996 3rd Place Award, and the 1997 2nd Place Award.