Sublette, Mark

(Book VII) Guardian of the Cornfields: A Charles Bloom Murder Mystery by Mark Sublette


Additional Information

  • Medium: Hardcover Book
  • Circa: 2019
  • Size: 9.25'' x 6.25'' x 1.125''
ISBN: 978-0-9998176-2-9. The seventh book in the Charles Bloom Murder Mystery series. SUMMARY: An important undiscovered Maynard Dixon painting concealed wrapped in a blood-stained muslin cloth and protected by a rare dinosaur tooth fetish mysteriously appears for sale on the Navajo Nation. Unbeknownst to the artwork’s lucky new owners, Charles Bloom and Marvin Manycoats, the painting has a sordid background involving murder and deceit—family secrets that have been closely guarded for three generations. Bloom and Manycoat’s purchase has landed them directly in the crosshairs of three driven men—each with a different agenda—who will stop at nothing to retrieve the painting, which they see as a Rosetta stone of truth and discovery, unlocking the 1934 disappearance of artist-explorer Everett Ruess in the southern Utah desert. To use the newly revealed keys to an old, unsolved mystery, they must turn back the hands of history, which are moving quickly toward a deadly conclusion. Bloom is in the fight of his life—and only time will tell if he can survive the knowledge revealed by the guardian of the cornfield.

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