Allan Mazzetti on Found and Created Papers

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Alan Mazzetti describes his choice of materials:

Found: I'm constantly looking for and saving a variety of material to use in my artwork. Some of the Probabilities pieces use paint-stained rags or papers from the studio that seem to me beautiful - or at least interesting. I use them to introduce a random element into the process, and sometimes try to mimic it with paint - to create a pattern similar to the blot or stain on the rag.; Patterned papers add visual interest and tissue papers add textural interest.

Created: Created papers are made either digitally or with paint. I like the technological feel of the digitized image; it reinforces the scientific aspect of the theme, it adds a "real" element and, again, it's the current way we say much of the world. These created images are applied as PAPERS, TRANSFERS, or DECALS.

That's about it for materials. I try to use them in ways that reinforce the basic themes of my Probabilities paintings: everything we see is matter AND energy, wave AND particle.; By changing our perspective, we change our perception.


Alan Mazzetti - Is That The Right Way?

Alan Mazzetti, Is That The Right Way? Mixed Media 30" x 42"


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