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Howard Post
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Howard Post worked as a commercial artist until 1980, when he decided to paint what he knew best, Arizonas ranch traditions. Viewers of Howard Posts oils or pastels respond to a birds-eye view of cattle clustered in a corral, cowboys perched in fence rails, or a distant ranch house. This higher perspective endows people and animals in the painting with stronger shapes and patterns. Howard Post draws from a collection of several thousand slides, from imagination, and then starts a canvas without preliminary sketches. Up to six colors might be used, painted over a dark background. His work is defined by orderly, strong shadow patterns cast by the figures of cattle, cowboys, trees, or fences

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Post, Howard - Howard Post - Old Mesquite
Howard Post - Old Mesquite

Post, Howard - Howard Post - On the Rim
Howard Post - On the Rim

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Range Cattle
Howard Post - Range Cattle

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Recent Rain
Howard Post - Recent Rain

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Riding Spurs
Howard Post - Riding Spurs

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Sabino Pool
Howard Post - Sabino Pool

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Shade Tree by the River
Howard Post - Shade Tree ...

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Sitting Bulls
Howard Post - Sitting Bulls

Post, Howard - Howard Post - The Neighbors
Howard Post - The Neighbors

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Three Natives
Howard Post - Three Natives

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Three Neighbors
Howard Post - Three Neigh...

Post, Howard - Howard Post - Three Stetsons
Howard Post - Three Stets...

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