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Shirley Wagner
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In the same studio where I build sculptures, I now construct contemporary jewelry. I have altered the scale of this work so it relates to the human body. With this new endeavor, I continue a lifelong interest in texture and relief. Simply stated, I bring parts and pieces together to build form. To do this, I rely on the inherent character and subtle nuances of the found object.

Found materials such as repurposed wood and recycled metal have always been the mainstay of my sculptural work. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary jewelry, I have introduced unusual and unexpected materials to this mix. The updated list includes petrified palm root, dinosaur bones, volcanic glass, petrified wood, pottery sherds, sea fossils, druzy formations and raw or polished minerals. The juxtaposition of conventional with unconventional materials forges a dialogue about art and its manifestation in body adornment.

While a work in jewelry may be complete, its journey has just begun. Taking the work from my studio and into the public, the wearer of my art establishes a unique bond with me. The wearer absorbs my intent and communicates this aesthetic into the world. - Shirley Wagner

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Wagner, Shirley - Obsidian Shard, Stainless Steel, and Bocote Wood Pendant with Leather Choker
Obsidian Shard, Stainless...

Wagner, Shirley - Shirley Wagner - Gibbs Jasper, Cork, and Stainless Steel Pendant with Braided Leather Choker
Shirley Wagner - Gibbs Ja...

Wagner, Shirley - Shirley Wagner - Mahogany Obsidian Cabochon, Petrified Wood Slab, Iron, Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia, Brass, Birdseye Maple, and Brass Bale Pendant with Braided Leather Choker
Shirley Wagner - Mahogany...

Wagner, Shirley - Shirley Wagner - Red Jasper Slab, Steel, Cork, Rubber, Stainless Steel, and Bocote Wood Pendant with Braided Leather Choker
Shirley Wagner - Red Jasp...

Wagner, Shirley - Shirley Wagner - Simbircite Cabochon, Pyrite Vein, Painted Wood, and Brass Pendant with Braided Leather Choker
Shirley Wagner - Simbirci...

Wagner, Shirley - Vintage Military Button, Zinc, Stainless Steel Bail, and Bone Pendant with Leather Choker
Vintage Military Button, ...

Wagner, Shirley - Zinc, Leather, Military Button, Vintage Cutout, and Stainless Steel Pendant with Leather Choker
Zinc, Leather, Military B...




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