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E. K. Edwards (1898-1993)

E. K. "Chuck" Edwards was born in Kansas before the turn of the 20th century. He started his photographic career when he sold his first photographs when he was 12 years old. Photography put Chuck through the University of Iowa where he earned a double degree one in Photojournalism and the second in Geology. While he was attending the University he was the School's Newspaper and the Yearbook photographer for 4 years. During this same time period he shot photographs for the Chicago Newspapers. It was while he was at the University that he was introduced to the motion picture camera. After graduation he became a staff newsreel cameraman for Paramount News working out of the Denver office. Chuck worked for Paramount for 23 years until television took over the business. During this same time period Chuck started his own production and still photography company that continued on until the later 1950s when he took his son in as partner in a company called E. K. Edwards and Son. This company went on to produce the world's largest library of motion picture on horses and horsemanship 60 titles in all. The company still has an international reputation.

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 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. -  Festival

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - As Far as the Eye Can See
As Far as the Eye Can See

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Baskets

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Branding Cattle
Branding Cattle

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Carding c. 1919
Carding c. 1919

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Ceremonial Dance
Ceremonial Dance

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Children c. 1919- Black Mesa
Children c. 1919- Black M...

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Day Care c. 1922 Gallup Pow Wow
Day Care c. 1922 Gallup P...

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Deer Dancers
Deer Dancers

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Feast

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Future Weavers
Future Weavers

 Edwards (1898-1993), E. K. - Herd at the Watering Hole
Herd at the Watering Hole

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