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Contemporary Native American made jewelry dating from the 1980s to the present.

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Other Jewelry, Rings - Andy Lee Kirk (1947-2001) - Isleta/Navajo 14K Gold and Turquoise Ring
Andy Lee Kirk (1947-2001)...
Size: 11.50

Other Jewelry, Rings - Beverly Lucero - Cochiti 14K Gold and Nevada Blue Spiderweb Turquoise Ring
Beverly Lucero - Cochiti ...
Size: 7.25

Other Jewelry, Rings - Bison Sterling Silver Ring with Coral and Jet Inlay
Bison Sterling Silver Rin...
Size: 4.25

Other Jewelry, Rings - Carl Luthy - Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring
Carl Luthy - Navajo Turqu...
Size: 9.25

Other Jewelry, Rings - Daniel Benally - Navajo Bisbee Turquoise and Silver Ring with Multi-Stone Inlay
Daniel Benally - Navajo B...
Size: 7.50

Other Jewelry, Rings - Group of 4 - Navajo Turquoise Necklace, Navajo Turquoise and Silver Ring, Hopi Turquoise and Silver Overlay Bear Paw Ring, and Zuni Kachina Sunface Ring with Jet, Coral, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl and Silver
Group of 4 - Navajo Turqu...

Other Jewelry, Rings - Gus Josytewa - Hopi Sterling Silver Ring
Gus Josytewa - Hopi Sterl...
Size: 7.75

Other Jewelry, Rings - Harry Morgan - Navajo Turquoise and Silver Ring
Harry Morgan - Navajo Tur...
Size: 7.00

Other Jewelry, Rings - Isaiah Ortiz - San Felipe Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring
Isaiah Ortiz - San Felipe...
Size: 8.50

Other Jewelry, Rings - Jake Livingston - Zuni Coral, Lapis, Gold, and Silver Ring
Jake Livingston - Zuni Co...
Size: 7.00

Other Jewelry, Rings - Leonard Nez - Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring
Leonard Nez - Navajo Turq...
Size: 7.50

Other Jewelry, Rings - Marian Nez - Navajo Coral and Sterling Silver Ring
Marian Nez - Navajo Coral...
Size: 9.75

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