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Glenn Renell
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A landscape painter, Glenn Renell works on site, directly from nature, making small paintings whose subject is the experience of seeing and being there. Looking to the qualities of the changing light, the relationships of sky, land and horizon, the paintings are structured around broad notes of color and brought equilibrium and order as the painting develops and nears an equivalent of seeing. Visiting the same site a number of times Glenn Renell aims for a distillation and understanding of place that gets beyond the casual and picturesque and finds those points where spirit of artist and place meld in the painting and process. At various points the small paintings and experience are brought into the studio and serve as the basis of larger works. The larger paintings are created within a process of integration and differentiation, and are a search for further and deeper understandings developed into paintings that are embodiments of that quest for spirit of place.

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Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Cloud Fit
Glenn Renell - Cloud Fit

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Cochise's Divide
Glenn Renell - Cochise's ...

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Fire
Glenn Renell - Fire

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Island Cloud
Glenn Renell - Island Cloud

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Longview
Glenn Renell - Longview

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Rancho Con Arboles
Glenn Renell - Rancho Con...

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - South Cloud and Hill
Glenn Renell - South Clou...

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Twin Buttes, Petrified Forest
Glenn Renell - Twin Butte...

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - White House and Sky
Glenn Renell - White Hous...

Renell, Glenn - Glenn Renell - Wupatki Sky
Glenn Renell - Wupatki Sky

Renell, Glenn - SOLD Glenn Renell - Morning
SOLD Glenn Renell - Morning



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