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Dana Busch Hawaii Show
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Jewelry trunk show with Dana Busch, Friday, March 17th through Saturday, March 18th, Artist Present. Tucson Gallery. "The Hawaiian Islands invoke within me a deep sense of familiarity and a knowing that is ancient, powerful and connected to source. It is where I go to recharge, reset, regroup and regain my clarity, peace, and connection to what truly matters. It is a place to restore ones senses whether that be watching a stunning sunset, being put to sleep by the sound of the ocean, the smell of tropical flowers, the taste of a freshly picked papaya or the feeling of sand running through your toes. And for those like myself, there is an ever-present sense of the ancient cultures, people and their rooted connection to a greater life force that draws you back." - Dana Busch. This debut collection is a reflection of the beauty and magic that is Hawaii and will be showcased at Medicine Man Gallery March 17th through March 18th.

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Hawaii Show, Dana Busch -
"Sea Sprayed Tide Pools" ...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch -
"Starlife" - Cluster Drop...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch -
"Starlight Dancing on Cra...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch -
"Sunset Calling" - Cluste...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch -
"Valley of the Kings" - C...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch - Hidden Waterfall - Cluster Drop Earrings with Ice Blue Quartz, Apatite, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli & 24KT Gold Vermeil
Hidden Waterfall - Cluste...

Hawaii Show, Dana Busch - SOLD
SOLD "Underwater Gem Gard...

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