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Mark Christopher Weber

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Mark Weber, Dawing Glory, Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"

Biography Mark Weber



Mark Christopher Weber was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1949 and grew up in towns in Ohio, Missouri, California and Arkansas.  While working on his Bachelor of Arts, Mark Weber took a painting class out of curiosity.  Once he began to work with oils, he became enchanted with the medium.  Mark Weber earned his degree in 1972, from the University of Arkansas, where he painted under Donald Roller Wilson and sculpted under Robert Sweeny.  After his graduation, he began his career as a professional freelance painter. 

Mark Weber, Sedona Evening Colors, Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20"

"As I discovered my talent in painting and developed my skill, I gradually gave more emphasis to it than to sculpture.  From the very beginning the thing that fascinated me most was the quality of light:  how it falls on objects and reveal their form and how it can be used to reveal the character and heart of people." 

Mark Weber, Tower of Set, Horus Temple, Acrylic on Linen, 17" x 36"

Since 1973, Mark Weber has lived and worked in Missouri.  Artists who have influenced Weber's work include Vermeer, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Frederick Church, Thomas Moran, Georges de la Tour, William Harnett and Canaletto.

Mark Weber, Colorado Cottonwoods, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24"

Professional Training                    

1972 - Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arkansas, studied painting under Donald Rollar Wilson


Best of Show

              Santa Fe Art Classic, Santa Fe, NM

              Missouri State Fair, Springfield, MO

              Heritage Show, Kansas City, MO

              Religious Art Show, Mission, Kansas

              Nacogdoches Spring Festival, Nacogdoches, TX

First Place

              Animal Life, The Artist's Magazine Competition, Cincinnati, OH

Second in Painting

              Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City, MO

              Crown Center Art Festival, Kansas City, MO

              Nacogdoches Painting Exhibit, Nacogdoches, TX

Landscape Award of Merit

              Arts for the Parks, Jackson Hole, WY

Honorable Mention

              Arts for the Parks, Jackson Hole, WY

              Artist's Magazine - Portrait Art, Cincinnati, OH

Oil Award

              Hudson Valley Art Assoc, White Plains, NY

              Realism '99, Parkersberg, WV



  • 2011 Plein Air on the Rim, Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon, AZ
  • 2009 - Grand Canyon Modern Masters Invitational, Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon, AZ
  • 2007 Arizona: A Millennium of Arizona Art, Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, AZ             
  • 2006-7 - Grand Canyon: From Dream to Icon, Tucson Museum of Art, AZ
  • Grand Canyon Show, Grand Canyon, AZ
  • Arts for the Parks, Jackson Hole, WY
  • Santa Fe Art Classic, Santa Fe, NM
  • Mid Four Art Show, Kansas City, MO
  • Kansas City Urban Landscapes, Kansas City, MO
  • Art Annual IV, Oklahoma City, OK
  • American Artists Professional League, New York, NY
  • Hudson Valley Art Assoc., White Plains, NY
  • Parkersburg Art Center Realism, Parkersburg, WV
  • Academic Artists Association, Springfield, MA
  • Springfield Art League National, Springfield, MA
  • Shreveport Men's Pro Artists, Springfield, MA
  • Religious Art Show, Mission, KS
  • 1980s - Lufkin Historical and Creative Center, Lufkin, TX
  • 1970s - City Center Square, Kansas City, MO

Corporate Collections


  • Sprint, Overland Park, KS
  • Commerce Bancshares, Kansas City, MO
  • Federal Reserve Building, Kansas City, MO
  • Mid-America Cardiology, Kansas City, MO
  • Percy-Kent Bag Company, Kansas City, MO
  • Dixon & Dively Orthopedic Surgeons, Kansas City, MO
  • Missouri State Fair, Springfield, MO
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Mission, KS
  • L. R. Roy Construction, Hutchinson, KS
  • Grand Canyon Assoc, Grand Canyon, AZ
  • United States Pumice, Catsworth, CA
  • United Bank of Norman, Norman, OK
  • Yellow Freight
  • Conoco Oil Headquarters
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Co
  • Lufkin Hist. And Creative Arts Center, Lufkin, TX
  • Republic Bank, Dallas, TX
  • Commercial National Bank, Nacogdoches, TX
  • Shell Oil, Houston, TX
  • Vantage Company, Houston, TX
  • M-Bank, Houston, TX
  • Marathon Oil Corporation, Houston, TX
  • Battle Mountain Gold, Houston, TX
  • Texas American Bank, Fort Worth, TX
  • Allied Bank, Fort Worth, TX



  • Brushwork Essentials, North Light books
  • Brushwork, North Light Books (In progress)

Books Containing Paintings and Illustrations


  • The Majesty of the Grand Canyon - 150 Years in Art, 1998, O.G. Publishing Corp, pages 128-131
  • Art From the Parks, 2000, North Light Books, page 13
  • Walking, (Physical Fitness Book), 1979, Davis, John T., Andrews and Mcmell Inc., Mission, KS, All Illustrations

Covers for Books and Magazines


  • Men of Action, Promise Keepers Quarterly Magazine, Summer Edition, 1996
  • Icehenge, (Science Fiction Book), 1984, Robinson, Stanley, Berkley Publishing Group, NY, NY



  • The Artist's Magazine, December, 1999, pg 33, "Lunch Pals"
  • The Monterey Peninsula Key, Tourist Shopping and Gallery
  • Guide, May, 1995, pg 15, "Guiding Hands"
  • Buying the Best, Shopping Souvenir & Gift Buying Guide, 1991, Carmel/ Pebble Beach, CA pg 33, "Storm Over the Grand Canyon"
  • The Fine Arts and Antiques Center of the Southwest, Main Street West, Scottsdale, AZ, Back Cover, "View from the Point"

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Mark Weber, Misty Brook, Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"





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