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Acclaimed young sculptor, Jon Krawczyk pushes the boundaries of his medium, and transforms steel and bronze into a study of the human condition. He has been lauded for his ability to turn metal into biomorphic sculptures that seem to have a pulse all their own. Currently, he is embarking on the assemblage of an exhibition that creatively explores the various manifestations, and symbolism, of the cross.

Krawczyk draws inspiration from renowned artists, such as Picasso, Henry Moore and David Smith. He is not only influenced by the obvious masterful techniques of these artists, but also by their philosophies of the sculptural process.

A graduate from Connecticut College, Krawczyk has studied fine art throughout Europe and apprenticed with various acclaimed sculptors. During the past 13 years, he has parlayed these life experiences into his artwork. Krawczyk¹s sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and public arenas across the nation, and are part of several private international collections.

Connecticut College 1988 - 1992


2005 - Palm Beach3 Contemporary Art Fair, Palm Beach, FL

2003 - Issaquah, WA
2003 - Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA
2003 - Soicher Marin, Hawthorn CA
2003 - Art Miami, Miami FL
2003, 2001, 1999 - El Paseo Sculpture Exhibit, Palm Desert, CA

2001- Colburn Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA

2000, 1998 - Burlington County College, Burlington, NJ
2000 - Palm Springs Art Expo, Palm Springs, CA
2000 - Texas A&M Art In Public Places, College Station, TX
2000 - Featured Artist , The Wilson Art Show, Mountain Lakes, NJ

1995 - Little Sadie's, New York, NY

Selected Commissions

2002 - Home Engineering Percent for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA
2002 - Rosenblum Percent for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA
2002 - Dale Poe Group Percent for the Arts, Agoura Hills, CA
2002 - Deloitte and Touche, New York, NY

2001 - Diplomat Hotel Lobby Fountain Project, Miami Beach, FL
2001 - Texas A&M, State College, TX

2000 - MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
2000 - Deloitte and Touche, New York, NY
2000 - Rankserve, Newbury Park, CA
2000 - Pac Bell Stadium, San Francisco, CA

1999 - Cheese Cake Factory, Calabasas, CA

1998 - Squad, Chicago, IL

1997 - R/D, Torrance, CA
1997 - Lumina Gallery Gate Project, Taos, MN
1997 - Jamison Gold, Marina Del Ray, CA
1997 - McKay Mobile, Reno, NV

1996 - Widner College 175TH Anniversary, Philadelphia, PA


2001 - Connecticut College Magazine, New London, CT

2000 - Region, College Station, TX

1999 - Daily Breeze, Manhattan Beach, CA
1999 - Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY

1996 - THE, Santa Fe, NM
1996 - Pasatiempo, Santa Fe, NM

1995 - New York Post, New York, NY

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