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Byron Wolfe (1904 - 1973)

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Byron Wolfe Comanches Watching Freemonts Men On The Canadian River 1845 Watercolor painting

Byron Wolfe, Comanches Watching Freemont's Men On The Canadian River, 1845, Watercolor, c. 1960, 16" x 20"


Byron Wolfe was a painter of cowboy and Indian action scenes in watercolor and oil.

Wolfe was born in Parsons, Kansas and worked on a ranch as a youth.  After studying art at the University of Kansas he worked for an engraving company and as a freelance illustrator.  Among his commissions were western scenes for the Goetz Brewing Company and for the American Royal Livestock and Horse Show.  He later took a job as art director for a Kansas City advertising agency.


 Byron Wolfe  Mirror Talk - Between Cheyenne War Parties watercolor painting

Byron Wolfe, Mirror Talk - Between Cheyenne War Parties, watercolor, c. 1960, 16" x 20"


The Russell Gallery in Helena, Montana assisted Wolfe in selling his easel paintings, and by 1962 he was painting full time.  Old West cowboy and Indian scenes were his exclusive subjects.  Like many artists in the tradition of Russell and Remington, he was very concerned about accuracy and kept a studio full of cowboy gear and Native artifacts.  He joined the Cowboy Artists of America in 1966.


 Byron Wolfe Rope whangin a steer watercolor painting

Byron Wolfe, Rope Whangin' a Steer, watercolor, c. 1960, 16" x 20"


 Byron Wolfe  The Outlaw That Doesnt Run - Texas Longhorn Bull Watercolor painting

Byron Wolfe, The Outlaw That Doesn't Run - Texas Longhorn Bull, Watercolor, c. 1960, 16" x 20"


  Byron Wolfe  Wranglers Of The Cap Rock watercolor painting

Byron Wolfe, Wranglers Of The Cap Rock, Watercolor, c. 1960, 16" x 20" 




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