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Navajo Native American Indian Baskets

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The Navajo Indian Wedding Basket is used in the Navajo wedding ceremony. The Navajo creation story tells how the first people emerged from the center of the earth symbolized by the center of the basket. During the ceremony the basket is covered with cornmeal shared by the bride, groom and guests. Navajo Indian wedding basket design reflects symbolism to include the sacred mountains, clouds, rain, and the sun's rays. The bright red weave, made by boiling a dye of Alder-Leaf Mountain Mahogany, is a weavers mark for sunshine or rainbow, and blessings for health, the black stepped terraces (representing clouds or mountains), from pinon pitch, coal or ochre, for darkness, and time to restore ones mind, and the edge of the basket's lighter color, the natural color of dried sumac, the dawn approaching. There can be four or six points in the center representing the sacred mountains, with the center left open as a passage for thoughts and from one world to the next, the opening appointed East to welcome the life giving Sun. Early Navajo Indian Wedding Baskets are usually made from Three Leaf Sumac, coiled typically on a two rod foundation.
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